Justice in Afghanistan

Afghanistan is a country, which located in central Asia, and is a part of Middle East. The official religion in Afghanistan is Islam. There were wars in Afghanistan more than 3 decades.

The effect of war: waste of Millions of dollars in questionable way, poverty, poor sanitation, lack of access to health care, and also include of murder, torture, rape.

1978- 2001 war began . Since 2002 there were lots of country that help Afghanistan for receiving justice and civil right. But there are some people who against justice, for example they are trying to not let the women to have human right even force them to do what ever they wanted to do, like as slave. The reason is, confusion in religion, those people are called Taliban. They are a big problem in Afghanistan for achieving justices.Just war theory


354- 430. He is Christian theologian (rational study of concept of God) and philosopher.

Augustine idea that have according to justice


1.If you even have good reason to attack, but you need to think about sending young men to war or to die. Human life is too precious, too sacred to waste

2.So now the leaders are have the idea of the God who are responsible of what are they doing to the citizens

“For Augustine, war was a logical extension of the act of governance”