About Us

We are a group of students studying Philosophy at Lester B Pearson College, an United World College in British Columbia, Canada. Together, we are pursuing an understanding of Justice as part of our focus on Political Philosophy. In small teams, we have identified projects that will allow us to pursue the UWC mission (to make education a force for peace) through our study of Justice.

For example, we are:

– writing letters about Justice to newspapers in various parts of the world (e.g. Afghanistan, the Netherlands, Canada, and England), with a focus on either justice-related issues

– having dialogues with local seniors about Justice

– corresponding with political prisoners about Justice

– creating instructional videos for other students of philosophy

Our study of philosophical perspectives on Justice include all the research students do as part of their projects, posted on this blog, as well as the views of:

– Plato and Aristotle’s ancient view of Justice as the notion of treating “equals equally” and “unequals unequally”

– Locke and Mill’s modern view of Justice as involving the notions of rights and liberties for individuals

– Rawls and Nozick’s views of distributive justice




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